Snack Time. — October 8, 2015

Snack Time.

Dropped in by chance at Tim Hortons Wasl today, just because I had time so stopped for coffee, saw this new entree of wraps, they had 6 different filling options, I chose the manchurian chicken wrap.
The wrap was made on order so the iceberg was crisp, chicken was saucy and tender and the wrap was just perfect to hold it all.
In the picture you see one piece of the wrap, that peach Colored sauce I asked for extra, as I prefer a little more spiced food.
This wrap is good to go with coffee and tea. Price tag is 22 AED
My score board for this will be 3.5 out of 5 and no I’m not being mean.11059649_10153662511570859_4385300753183929332_n

Hot Sizzling Plate. — October 4, 2015

Hot Sizzling Plate.

Sizzling Hot Plate
Yes, that is how they serve every meal, on a hot plate.
Be that a steak or a Jalfrezi, if you are at Kobe then it should be served to you sizzling on a hot plate.
A one of a kind serving style which you usually don’t find unless you are at a proper steak house.
Over all food is good, as almost everything on a hot plate is served with veges and fries on the side lines, but you do have an option of rice & chow mein too.The place is always packed over the weekends (that’s again my experience) This was my second visit to KOBE so I ordered Chicken Jalrezi & Fresh Grape Juice, food was good but it was so hot because of its hot plate that i had to wait for it to cool it off at every bite.
The fresh juice was really fresh and of sweet grapes.if you plan to treat your friends there then price per person will be 70 AED on an average.
The serving size is good enough for 1 person.12047727_10205215141513200_1634233955_n
KOBE Restaurant at Karama, Dubai, UAE.

Time To Refuel Energy With Hub Ul Humra — October 3, 2015

Time To Refuel Energy With Hub Ul Humra

If anyone hasn’t tasted HUB UL HUMRA at Al Rabbash yet then guys do give it a try.
It’s right next to mamzar filli mostly people confuse it with filli tea shop. This is not tea, it’s sweetened milk with cardamom and chia like seeds ( that’s what I think ) a cup is for AED 5 only so carry a cup from there and enjoy it at the mamzar corniche.
It’s made fresh on order & served hot so be careful that you don’t burn your tongue.
Have a great weekend

Wooah These Selamy Lipsticks Are Love ! — September 29, 2015

Wooah These Selamy Lipsticks Are Love !

Just discovered this 12 shade pack of lipsticks labelled as Selamy, it’ actually a Miss Rose brand.
These 12 shades are creamy to apply on lips but look matte, they smell sweet which makes me walk to the bakery for a cup cake or muffin.
The shades are solid colors and stayed for good long time on me, well the reason is that I am not my lipstick eater 🙂
Though these colors look similar in pictures but in actual these are all different floral shades.11889674_1012083392156944_6961356706845227500_n 11902443_1012083715490245_500396955264276338_ns1s2

Box Kit by Miss Rose — September 27, 2015
Omelette Lunch —

Omelette Lunch

Tried Corn Masala Omlet at Raju Omlet this afternoon for lunch,
I must say it was a look good and taste good meal.
The omlet was served with deliciously spicy green chutney, just because I am a little calorie/fat conscious so I chose pav instead of paratha.
Warning : The cutting chai is addicting 😉raj
I ‘ll rate it at 4 out of 5.
(that’s how Raju spells ‘omlet’ )

POUT Twistable Intense Lip Colors. — May 19, 2015

POUT Twistable Intense Lip Colors.

You will fall in love with these shades of #POUT
You will fall in love with these shades of #POUT
That orange !!
That orange !!
A must have pack.
A must have pack.
The deep and suttle pack.
The deep and suttle pack.
Mom looks awesome with these shades.
Mom looks awesome with these shades.
Get creative with these colors of lipsticks.
Get creative with these colors of lipsticks.

Just twist, glide and go! POUT Twistable Intense Lip Color is here to give your lips a modern and fresh touch. Treat yourself to intense colors for hours wi

The 15 shades of POUT
The 15 shades of POUT
The nude shade with the bright ones.
The nude shade with the bright ones.

th its wide range of amazing shades. With its creamy, stay-put finish, these lip colors will become your go-to for an instant twist of color. You will love its beyond-cool pen format for an easy application. Feel the touch of silk on your lips!

Glides smoothly.
Solid colors.
Smudge free.
Smart packing.

So Pout And ABout !

#POUT pack no.2
#POUT pack no.2
Miss Rose Eye Liner. — February 26, 2014
Miss Rose Lipsticks. — February 25, 2014

Miss Rose Lipsticks.

Miss Rose Lipsticks, come in matte finish and vibrant colours. Suitable for Summers as it’s matte and stays on for good long hors, it won’t rub off or sweat off easily.
Packaging is pretty decent, price is pocket friendly in-fact I would rather say that price is salary friendly.
The colour variety is ideal for day and night, can be worn with summer floral prints or pastel shades. The orange lip colour is so much in fashion these days, it now is a ‘must have’ImageImageImageImageImage



MISS ROSE High Gloss Lipstick set features a palette of 12 long-lasting matte lip shades. The high quality shades in the palette are gorgeous and easy to apply, making them ideal for use in all types of environments and occasions.
The pack does  say gloss, but these appeared matte on my lips, the best thing about this palette is that it is easy to fit into my hand bag, now I don’t have to carry 3 – 4 lipsticks with me in my hand bag, to work or whenever I am travelling, as this palette gives me 12 lip color options, it’s sleek packing makes it slip in well into my hand bag without adding any extra weight for my shoulder bag.
I simply LOVE this palette.
It’s smart packaging.
It’s texture is suitable for all weathers.
It’s lip shades are lasting & sexy.1520658_686056894759597_1639964574_n 1557689_686056914759595_963824822_n