The best from a Dubai bakery. — October 7, 2018

The best from a Dubai bakery.

I try to avoid things that make me fat like mirror, photographs & scales 😇 so that this cheesy manakeeshs every ACA21222-79F8-4923-8791-13B418DEC190.jpegbit can be enjoyed with the toum & fries 👌🏻👌🏻

@alreeflebanesebakery you are the best.

The cheese mamkish or manakeesh is the best as it’s baked right there, after you place your order, have it with Toum ( Lebanese Garlic Sauce ) they make this toum so unique.

Chicken shawarma is also good, but nothing can beat this manaqish.

I always ask them to serve fresh green chilies with my meal.

The food is fresh, healthy and very reasonably priced, unlike most Dubai food joints.

It has more then 1 branch in Dubai, but my preference is always the karama bur Dubai outlet, as the staff is friendly and parking is available.

OMG – Karachi — October 6, 2018

OMG – Karachi


This place was recommended by a foodie, ordered gourmet burger with fries & drink combo, on a Saturday for a late lunch. 

The restaurant was empty, even though it was a weekend, it’s a self service place, you place your order at the counter, pay your bill and then wait for your order number to be called out from the order counter person.

The service was slow as they took some good time to prepare the order, then I had to remind them that drinks from my 2 combo deals are still delivered to me.The paper napkins and ketchup had to be requested too, whereas these 2 are always on your order tray, first.

Well the burgers were bigger in size if compared to our international fast food chains, the fries were tastier too, oh yes they didn’t have the gourmet fries, the plain fries were good crispy. The burger was juicy and tasty.

A burger with plain fries & coke will cost you around Rs.1000 approximately, so if you are burger person then you should go & munch their meaty burgers.

Located at Bahadurabad, Bahadurahah Zafar Road, Karachi.

Shami Gourmet – Dubai Marina — October 3, 2018

Shami Gourmet – Dubai Marina

The menu is not very lengthy, it was my first visit to Shami restaurant, a friend suggested to try their browsers chicken, so I ordered that in a meal deal and cheese manakish .

I never had such a delicious breasted chicken ever,the food was fresh, prepared right in front, the salad was crispy fresh and full of taste, the cheese manakish was superb, I couldn’t eat it all so I got it packed for take away and had it the next day and trust me the broast tasted the same delicious.

They are located at torch towers & are open almost 24 hours, so you can grab a delicious meal even after the club or after parties.


Dinner for 2 at The Movenpic Hotel — July 18, 2018

Dinner for 2 at The Movenpic Hotel

Movenpik is one of the best Hotels in Karachi, went to The Pakistani restaurant on its level one, we made  a reservation for dinner to avoid the waiting as it was a Sunday. 

At 9:45 pm there was just 1 table occupied by a group of 8-10 people, they were celebrating someone’s birthday. The singers sang so beautifully as always, the classics & the birthday greeting.

We were just 2, so we ordered Palak Paneer, Chicken  Masala Handi, Pizza Paratha & their famous Afghani Style long oval shaped naan.

At first we were served crackers, fresh salad, raita & variety of pickles. These fresh starters are always my favorite & these kept our hungry tummies occupied till our actual order was served in about 30-35 minutes. Our server did apologize for the delay, that the Pizza Paratha took longer in prep, even though we didn’t ask the reason of delay nor we told them to serve quick.

Well honestly, the food was just alright, the Pizza Paratha was better then the chicken and palak we ordered, the naan wasn’t the same texture & was served in small pieces instead of as 1 long,oval naan.

There was a time, almost a decade ago, we used to be regular every weekend at The Pakistani restaurant, Their salad bar was superbly done in every way, fresh, hygienically kept, tasteful, the best in Karachi in those days. Our all time favorite was Palak Paneer, Chicken handi, fish tikka, dal makhni & Chapli kabab. But the food now was lacking taste.

We decided that we might not return to The Pakistani for food again but yes for ambience.

Under 50 AED — October 31, 2016

Under 50 AED

img_0236img_0239img_0317Gyros !

Just because I enjoy exploring new places and meeting new people.

So I drove to the Irish village at Garhoud deira, the place is calm and peaceful, you have a choice of sitting outside under the trees, in the open on the old fashioned wooden chairs and tables or you can fancy dining inside the restaurants, well I chose to sit outside as the weather was pleasant.

I walked around & checked what options were available, so I picked Joey’s as my stop.

Lunch deal was on from 12 till 3pm (at the Irish Village outlet)
Price was ok AED 45 for the deal.
Serving size good.
Gyros with fries & soft drink.
Meat options are available for the gyros.
Friendly staff with tasty gyros & cooling mock-tail.
The ambience was even more pleasing. I probably will be dropping in here more,the chances are strong.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Palette — October 30, 2016

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Palette

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Makeup Revolution Shimmer Palette

If you are a makeup addict then this palette will make you go crazy as it has all the basic shimmer shades.

A must have shimmer/ highlighter powder palette from Makeup Revolution London. I am totally in love with it’s quality. Packing is simple and smart, easy to carry in your vanity box or makeup pouch.

Crazy Color by Renbow —

Crazy Color by Renbow

Ruby Rouge & Coral Red.

I read such positive reviews on amazon about this Crazy Color semi permanent hair color cream, that it lasts 2-6 weeks and it does not damage hair as it’s created with vegetable ingredients.

I have been dying my hair from last 2 years, I love trying new products and new shades on my hair, so I bought these 2 shades as red tones suit my complexion, Coral Red & Ruby Rouge.

These are easy to apply as you don’t have to do any mixing like other hair dyes, so it’s a ready jelly type formula, but I found it very dripping and the color keeps coming off with every wash, which actually ruins the towel and white shirts if you don’t hair dry your hair thoroughly you will find pink streaks on your shirts which is very disappointing.

I wonder if anyone else had a similar experience but I have never had such a drip off color experience with other hair dye brands. Or maybe I’m missing something to lock the color in.