Salt’n Pepper on my buds. — February 28, 2019

Salt’n Pepper on my buds.

Food so good, stopped by after reading the public reviews on @google and their zinger is far far better then an original @kfcpakistanofficial zinger 🍔 

The chicken handi & ginger chicken were delicious too.

The roof top seating is so refreshing @saltnpepperbahawalpur 

Ali Baba Restaurant – Gaunghzou China — January 16, 2019
Meat The Cheese —
Great Wall – Food —

Great Wall – Food

Nicely done interior, food presentation is also good, we were a Group of 3 and we ordered for 6 people, just because we were too hungry and wanted to have more variety.
Ordered 2 starters and 3 main dishes apart from rice.
The starters were excellent, trust me I will be going back again for starters only.
The main dishes were just ok, honestly the next visit will be for starters only & not for the main dishes.
The main dishes we ordered were regular items, mostly everyone orders those only, chicken chowmein, chicken with vegetables (gravy) and dry beef with chilly.
It’s a little pricey for a Chinese/Asian restaurant.
Service is good.

Dinner for 2 at The Movenpic Hotel — July 18, 2018

Dinner for 2 at The Movenpic Hotel

Movenpik is one of the best Hotels in Karachi, went to The Pakistani restaurant on its level one, we made  a reservation for dinner to avoid the waiting as it was a Sunday. 

At 9:45 pm there was just 1 table occupied by a group of 8-10 people, they were celebrating someone’s birthday. The singers sang so beautifully as always, the classics & the birthday greeting.

We were just 2, so we ordered Palak Paneer, Chicken  Masala Handi, Pizza Paratha & their famous Afghani Style long oval shaped naan.

At first we were served crackers, fresh salad, raita & variety of pickles. These fresh starters are always my favorite & these kept our hungry tummies occupied till our actual order was served in about 30-35 minutes. Our server did apologize for the delay, that the Pizza Paratha took longer in prep, even though we didn’t ask the reason of delay nor we told them to serve quick.

Well honestly, the food was just alright, the Pizza Paratha was better then the chicken and palak we ordered, the naan wasn’t the same texture & was served in small pieces instead of as 1 long,oval naan.

There was a time, almost a decade ago, we used to be regular every weekend at The Pakistani restaurant, Their salad bar was superbly done in every way, fresh, hygienically kept, tasteful, the best in Karachi in those days. Our all time favorite was Palak Paneer, Chicken handi, fish tikka, dal makhni & Chapli kabab. But the food now was lacking taste.

We decided that we might not return to The Pakistani for food again but yes for ambience.

— October 28, 2015

111111111Sheikh Zayed was my first visit to the mosque, though I have been to Abu Dhabi countless times, it was a good decision to spend the day.1q 11q 111q 1111q 11111q 111111q 1111111q
It’s a beautiful mosque, no camera can capture it’s unique workmanship.
From there we drove to have dinner as we skipped lunch. Heard a lot about man o salwa restaurant,so we googled it to reach.
Ordered mutton chapli kabab, grilled fish (which they claimed will be spicy) chicken seekh kabab, tawa qeema & mukhni chicken.
The tawa qeema, chapli kabab and mukhni chicken were the taste winners. The fish and chicken seekh kababs should have been served with some chutney.
The serving size and food quality was good, but they can improve it further with the little additions such as chutneys or raitas.
Ambience was very desi local, In fact it actually reminded me of those Delhi style local food shops.
Price was average. Pocket friendly.
I will rate it at 3 out of 5.