This place was recommended by a foodie, ordered gourmet burger with fries & drink combo, on a Saturday for a late lunch. 

The restaurant was empty, even though it was a weekend, it’s a self service place, you place your order at the counter, pay your bill and then wait for your order number to be called out from the order counter person.

The service was slow as they took some good time to prepare the order, then I had to remind them that drinks from my 2 combo deals are still delivered to me.The paper napkins and ketchup had to be requested too, whereas these 2 are always on your order tray, first.

Well the burgers were bigger in size if compared to our international fast food chains, the fries were tastier too, oh yes they didn’t have the gourmet fries, the plain fries were good crispy. The burger was juicy and tasty.

A burger with plain fries & coke will cost you around Rs.1000 approximately, so if you are burger person then you should go & munch their meaty burgers.

Located at Bahadurabad, Bahadurahah Zafar Road, Karachi.