Wooah These Selamy Lipsticks Are Love ! — September 29, 2015

Wooah These Selamy Lipsticks Are Love !

Just discovered this 12 shade pack of lipsticks labelled as Selamy, it’ actually a Miss Rose brand.
These 12 shades are creamy to apply on lips but look matte, they smell sweet which makes me walk to the bakery for a cup cake or muffin.
The shades are solid colors and stayed for good long time on me, well the reason is that I am not my lipstick eater 🙂
Though these colors look similar in pictures but in actual these are all different floral shades.11889674_1012083392156944_6961356706845227500_n 11902443_1012083715490245_500396955264276338_ns1s2

Box Kit by Miss Rose — September 27, 2015
Omelette Lunch —

Omelette Lunch

Tried Corn Masala Omlet at Raju Omlet this afternoon for lunch,
I must say it was a look good and taste good meal.
The omlet was served with deliciously spicy green chutney, just because I am a little calorie/fat conscious so I chose pav instead of paratha.
Warning : The cutting chai is addicting 😉raj
I ‘ll rate it at 4 out of 5.
(that’s how Raju spells ‘omlet’ )