Miss Rose Eye Liner. — February 26, 2014

Miss Rose Eye Liner.

Miss Rose Eye Liner, a liquid eye liner, which glides easily on eyes.
It’s a matte eye liner and it lasts long for good 4 face washes.
The packaging is smart, easy to carry in hand bag ImageImageImagespecially when travelling.

Miss Rose Lipsticks. — February 25, 2014

Miss Rose Lipsticks.

Miss Rose Lipsticks, come in matte finish and vibrant colours. Suitable for Summers as it’s matte and stays on for good long hors, it won’t rub off or sweat off easily.
Packaging is pretty decent, price is pocket friendly in-fact I would rather say that price is salary friendly.
The colour variety is ideal for day and night, can be worn with summer floral prints or pastel shades. The orange lip colour is so much in fashion these days, it now is a ‘must have’ImageImageImageImageImage