The Cool Way Of Selling Hot Corn. — December 25, 2013

The Cool Way Of Selling Hot Corn.

This is something exciting I came across, Khan Sahab selling hot and spicy corn “mukai” outside Zsabist Clifton Campus, Karachi, Pakistan.

GRUB – food delivery — December 24, 2013

GRUB – food delivery

Getting tasty food delivered isn’t this a blessing?

Well recently I came across with one of the food deliverers “GRUB” so thought of trying them for lunch at office yesterday, so ordered a Pastario, Filfil Mild & 3 Beef Jalapeno burgers.
The food was delivered very nicely in neat foil packs & polystyrene boxes with proper cutlery, which I appreciated the most. The Pastario was creamy with chicken sausages & chunks in it, the Filfil were cheese filled & tasted delicious, the Beef Jalapeno burger had a double patty & cheese burger and to be honest I feel like having the same burger again today, as it was juicy, each ingredient  in it had it’s individual taste making it yummy.
The Pabloo mini pizza came with the deal, which looked exactly like Ideal bakery pizza but tasted far better.
*A tasteful option for food delivery.
*Salary friendly.
*Fries with a pickle & mushroom is a Eureka 😉
*Stay Blessed, Stay Healthy!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Body Shop Lip Balms. — December 23, 2013

Body Shop Lip Balms.

Body Shop Lip Balm.. ummmmm yummy…these little fruity flavoured lip balms are more of fun, fruity, fresh, magical it’s yummy yummy.. it adds a little colour on lips, but the yummy fragrance can be felt by people around, it’s smooth to apply and the best thing about this product is that it does not gives you that chappy or heaviness onb bb bbb IMG_1257 IMG_1260 IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1270 1441472_670057959692824_725367439_n 1467370_670057913026162_401052153_n lips. I wish there was a separate small brush with a cap on it so that I don’t have to use my finger every time I use the balm.

Ponds Gold Radiance. —

Ponds Gold Radiance.

Ponds Gold Radiance.
If you are looking for glow complexion & moisturized skin, Ponds Gold Radiance is a quick solution to this. This product is a moisturizer with gold particles in it, a pump of it good enough quantity for your face, it moisturizes the dry skin deep and the glow is obvious and instant. It has SPF 15 to protect your skin from UV rays and a very lovely fragrance too, to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day like it says for a youthful glowImageImage.
Two thumbs up for this product.

Revlon Just Bitten. —

Revlon Just Bitten.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstains + Balm is an innovation for Revlon Cosmetics Fans, one thing I have learnt about Revlon, that they have sincere Revlon Customers, who just wouldn’t switch to any other brand, which is awesome! Well these lipstains are like markers, water based, matte shades, but on the other end of the marker is a balm, to be applied on after staining your lips if you want that extra smoothness on your lips. The balm can be worn alone too and so can the lip stains be.
Overall this product is good, something you can use all year long at work or at play 🙂
It comes in different packaging in UK & USA..but works the same.Revlon-Just-Bitten-Lipstain+Balm-2 Revlon-Just-Bitten-Lipstain+Balm-3 Revlon-Just-Bitten-Lipstain+Balm-4 945835_635608343137786_1840536967_n 1379349_635912473107373_1080824085_n 1379870_635912746440679_820207245_n 1383968_635912426440711_332122324_n 1391559_651967888168498_1211095174_n

Loreal Gel Intenza Eye Liner —

Loreal Gel Intenza Eye Liner


Loreal Gel Intenza Eye Liner, is one of the smoothest eye liners I have come across, it’s shade 01 Pure Black, is the right kind of black for my complexion as it is matte, unlike a few liners which have a plastic shine on. It glides on really well with its applicator brush and it lasts about good 18 hours on me, as it is a color stay, but in these 18 hours I do wash my face a couple of times, so it stays on good without any smudge or over shadowing.
This little glass jar with a metallic gold cap is easy to carry when travelling, though the quantity looks so small but it lasts for almost 2 years, even if you apply it daily.
The brush comes with a cap which is worth appreciating as I prefer to keep cosmetics in a hygienic condition.


Maybelline Instant Anti Age Smoother Primer — December 20, 2013

Maybelline Instant Anti Age Smoother Primer

ImageMaybelline Instant Anti Age Smoother Primer, I call it a miracle gel-o as it did wonders to my skin,it’s a light pink gel,which is usually applied before applying foundation.It makes skin smooth and soft, can’t say much about anti aging effect on me,as I am already young 🙂
The other day when I had to rush to office I took this with me in my handbag to the office, It actually replaced moisturiser I use for my hands and face. So all those who already have this magic gel try it on your face, (without foundation) and on your hands too. You’ll love the way your skin feels.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Hello KItty Mac Blush Ons — December 18, 2013
Clearasil Perfecta Wash —

Clearasil Perfecta Wash

ImageCImageImageCleaImagerasilImage PerfeImagecta Wash is a Imagesmart product from Clearasil, this is an automatic, battery operated liquid soap dispenser.It has a motion sensor which functions once it’s switched on. It comes with 3 AA batteries. A smart and sexy gadget for the guest washroom and for your daily facial use too.It doesn’t leaves the skin too dry or stretchy nor too moisturised.
Overall product is good with a very impressive dispenser. The soap can be refilled,so it’s the next compulsory accessory.Image ClearImage

Einstein Lip Therapy. —

Einstein Lip Therapy.

Einstein Lip Therapy Balm
Einstein Lip Therapy.

1477835_676046632427290_675294419_n 1480541_676046619093958_838770026_n 1484187_676046665760620_1804852516_n 1527026_676046592427294_528916676_nEinstein Lip Therapy is a magic in a mini jar.Its vitamin A and E enriched, it makes lips smooth,but can be used on face as well, the cooling effect can be felt on face also for 5-7 minutes. I actually used it emergency on my face as I forgot to apply moisture before leaving home. A little quantity goes well on face, the minty cooling effect initially irritated me but then after a while I was OK with it.
Later on I thought of trying it on my cracked heels and it repaired my heels in 2 nights of application.I simply love it’s packing.