Salt’n Pepper on my buds. — February 28, 2019

Salt’n Pepper on my buds.

Food so good, stopped by after reading the public reviews on @google and their zinger is far far better then an original @kfcpakistanofficial zinger 🍔 

The chicken handi & ginger chicken were delicious too.

The roof top seating is so refreshing @saltnpepperbahawalpur 

Texas Grill is it smokin’ ? — February 19, 2019

Texas Grill is it smokin’ ?

I decided one day to experience a road trip from Karachi to Lahore, well I always wanted to travel by road but I don’t know why I had delayed this for so many years. Well now I can proudly suggest that everyone should have this experience as the roads are smooth, the view throughout the trip was green and I loved every sight from my driving seat. Yes it’s very safe also.

Well we tried several new food places, as we wanted to experience all that was not available for us in Karachi. Smokey’s Texas Grill was one delicious experience, as the food was good, the restaurant is very cosy and pocket friendly also. We ordered 2 different burgers & a lasagna, with very low expectation it all turned out to be finger licking good. The serveing staff is polite too. Do pay a visit whenever you get the chance.



Ali Baba Restaurant – Gaunghzou China — January 16, 2019
Color Pop is Love —

This place was recommended by a foodie, ordered gourmet burger with fries & drink combo, on a Saturday for a late lunch. 

The restaurant was empty, even though it was a weekend, it’s a self service place, you place your order at the counter, pay your bill and then wait for your order number to be called out from the order counter person.

The service was slow as they took some good time to prepare the order, then I had to remind them that drinks from my 2 combo deals are still delivered to me.The paper napkins and ketchup had to be requested too, whereas these 2 are always on your order tray, first.

Well the burgers were bigger in size if compared to our international fast food chains, the fries were tastier too, oh yes they didn’t have the gourmet fries, the plain fries were good crispy. The burger was juicy and tasty.

A burger with plain fries & coke will cost you around Rs.1000 approximately, so if you are burger person then you should go & munch their meaty burgers.

Colour Pop is Love. —
Dorritos Pizza Anyone ? —
Gel Eye Liner – Loreal & Maybelline. —

Gel Eye Liner – Loreal & Maybelline.

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2014-09-18 20.45.20

Today I am going to write about Gel Eye Liners, when we talk about gel eye liners it simply understood that they are waterproof too.
I have been using Loreal Gel Eye Liner in black from last 2 years, it’s lasts upto 13 hours perfectly, even if you wash your face twice or thrice with a face wash and without getting smudged.
It comes packed in the golden box with a capped applicator brush and the gel liner in tiny jar with a golden cap.The packaging is small and looks rich but the liner will last more than 2 years even if you use it daily.
I just simply love the way it glides on smoothly ♡♡
The brush after use, I always wipe it with a tissue to clear the excess left on it and cap it back.This surely keeps the brush soft and clean for the next application.

Last month I bought Maybelline Gel Eye Liner in blue, this color I wanted badly but it was always out of stock at A Maybelline Pos…well the packaging is simple and elegant, unlike L’Oréals gel liner. It is smooth to apply and it’s more of like a mousse liner rather than gel.
The only thing I didn’t like about it is it’s brush it looks similar to L’Oréal brush but it gets stiff after application even if I wipe it with a tissue the residues.
The reason is it’s cap, it’s open from both ends which dries up the brush and makes it stiffer leading it to make it difficult for next time use.
Maybelline should change its brush cover for a smoother application as it can hurt the eye lid too .

Meat The Cheese —
Great Wall – Food —

Great Wall – Food

Nicely done interior, food presentation is also good, we were a Group of 3 and we ordered for 6 people, just because we were too hungry and wanted to have more variety.
Ordered 2 starters and 3 main dishes apart from rice.
The starters were excellent, trust me I will be going back again for starters only.
The main dishes were just ok, honestly the next visit will be for starters only & not for the main dishes.
The main dishes we ordered were regular items, mostly everyone orders those only, chicken chowmein, chicken with vegetables (gravy) and dry beef with chilly.
It’s a little pricey for a Chinese/Asian restaurant.
Service is good.